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Participation politique et action collective


27-28 avril 2018

Lang EN; FR
Responsable de l'activité

Olivier Filleule

  • Professeur Olivier Filleule, Université de Lausanne
  • Professeur Marco Giugni, Université de Genève


  • Professeur Olivier Fillieule, IEPHI, Université de Lausanne
  • Professeur Marco Giugni, DSPRI, Université de Genève
  • Lorenzo Bosi, Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence
  • Maria Kousis, Université de Crète
  • Jasmine Lorenzini, Université de Genève
  • Philip Balsiger, Université de Neuchâtel 

The sociology of social movements and protest politics are today a distinct field of social science at the intersection of political science, sociology, and history. The turbulent 1960s served as a stepping stone in the United States, placing the issue of social conflict at the heart of democracies that had forgotten it and offering researchers multiple sites to study in vivo. The interest in the protest was later and less sustained in Europe and all the analyzes, scattered, and for a long time secondary to the American schools. What are the major trends emerging from this landscape that is no longer marked by the domination of a single paradigm? What place, alongside works marked by structuralist approaches, for the instruments of critical sociology? What is the sharing or blending between positivist methods and more artisanal methods, between macro and comparative approaches and micro approaches and case studies? The module aims to give an account of the evolution of the sociology of social movements and protest politics, of the diversity of its contemporary approaches, by offering both a critical look at this field of research and avenues for investigation of its blind spots such as the logic of individual commitment or the place of emotions in collective action.





Hôtel de La Sage (VS)


The module is organized around a discussion of theoretical texts and empirical case studies drawn from international research, as well as interventions from researchers specializing in the study of social movements and activism, and discussion sessions. Apart from the two colleagues who will deliver conferences, two other colleagues (Philip Balsiger, UNINE and Jasmine Lorenzini, UNIGE) will attend the seminar.





Friday April 27


10h00-10h30 : Welcoming with coffee etc.


10h30-11h00 : General introduction by Olivier Fillieule and Marco Giugni: The future of political activism and social movement studies


Requested readings :

Guya Accornero and Olivier Fillieule. 2016. "Introduction. 'So many as the stars of the sky in multitude, and as the sand which is by the sea shore innumerable:' European social movement research in perspective." In Olivier Fillieule, Guya Accornero (eds), Social movement studies in Europe, The state of the art. New York-Oxford: Berghahn Books.

Dieter Rucht. 2016. "Conclusions. Social movement studies in Europe: Achievements, gaps and challenges." In Olivier Fillieule and Guya Accornero (eds.), Social Movement Studies in Europe: The State of the Art. New York-Oxford: Berghahn Books.


11h00-13h00 : Session 1. Protest event analysis and its offsprings.

11h00-11h15. Introduction, Marco Giugni.

11h15-12h00. Conference by Maria Kousis (University of Crete): Action Organization Analysis. A new hub-website based approach and its application in the EU projects LIVEWHAT and TransSOL

12h00-13h00. Discussion conducted by three discussants (30 minutes) then open debate with the audience.


Requested readings :

Kousis, Maria, Marco Giugni, and Christian Lahusen. Forthcoming. "Action organization analysis: Extending protest event analysis using hubs-retrieved websites." American Behavioral Scientist.

Lahusen, Christian, Maria Kousis, Ulrike Zschache, and Angelos Loukaki. Forthcoming. "European solidarity in times of crisis: Comparing transnational activism of civic organisations in Germany and Greece." Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie.


13h00-14h30 : Lunch break


14h30-16h30: Session 2. Varieties of approaches to study individual activism and commitment.

14h30-14h45. Introduction, Olivier Fillieule.

14h45-15h30. Conference by Lorenzo Bosi (Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence): Lives in the Armed Struggle. Pathways of Political Activism in the Provisional IRA.

15h30-16h30. Discussion conducted by three discussants (30 minutes) then open debate with the audience.


Requested readings :

Bosi, Lorenzo. 2018. "Contextualizing the biographical outcomes of Provisional IRA former activists: A structure-agency dynamic." In Olivier Fillieule and Erik Neveu (eds.), Activists Forever? The Long-Term Impacts of Political Activism in Various Contexts. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Bosi, Lorenzo and Donatella della Porta. 2012. "Micro-mobilization into armed groups: The ideological, instrumental and solidaristic paths," Qualitative Sociology 35: 361-383.


16h30-17h : Coffee break


16h30-17h30 : Presentation and discussion of an ongoing doctoral research, discussed by Philip Balsiger, Lorenzo Bosi, Olivier Fillieule, Marco Giugni, Maria Kousis, Jasmine Lorenzini


17h30-19h00 : Soft Skills, "TWalking session"

This session will take place outside (or inside according to the weather). We will have a walk to talk in small groups on topics related to the PhD and to the academic career. (Talking+Walking=Twalking)


19h00-20h30 : Dinner


21h00: Keynote speech by Jasmine Lorenzini (UNIGE) on Political consumerism or how to study actions at the margins of individual and collective action?

Discussion by Philip Balsiger (UNINE).


Requested reading:

Maniates, Michael, F. 2011. "Individualization: Plant a tree, buy a bike, save the world?" Global Environmental Politics 1: 31-52.


Saturday April 28


8h00-9h30 : Breakfast


10h00-12h00 : Presentation and discussion of two recent research programs

10h00-10h45. Olivier Fillieule on : The biographical consequences of activism. The case of French 68ers.

10h45-11h15. Discussion based on the readings and the oral presentation by two students (15 minutes each).

11h15-12h00. Marco Giugni on: The biographical impact of participation in social movement activities. Beyond highly committed new left activism

12h00-12h30. Discussion based on the readings and the oral presentation by two students (15 minutes each).


Requested readings:

McAdam, Doug. 1989. "The biographical consequences of activism." American Sociological Review 54: 744-760.

Olivier Fillieule and Erik Neveu. 2018. "Activists trajectories in space and time: An introduction." In Olivier Fillieule and Erik Neveu (eds.), Activists Forever? The Long-Term Impacts of Political Activism in Various Contexts. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

12h30-14h00 : Lunch break


14h00-16h00 : Roundtable: The future of social movements. With Philip Balsiger, Lorenzo Bosi, Olivier Fillieule, Marco Giugni, Maria Kousis.


 Further readings:

Duyvendak, Jan Willem and Olivier Fillieule. 2015. "Patterned fluidity: An interactionist perspective as a tool for exploring contentious politics." In James M. Jasper and Jan Willem Duyvendak (eds.). Players and Arenas: The Interactive Dynamics of Protest. Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press.

Fillieule, Olivier. 2010. "Some elements of an interactionist approach to political disengagement." Social Movement Studies 9: 1-15.

Fillieule, Olivier. 2015. "Demobilization and disengagement in a life course perspective." In Donatella della Porta and Mario Diani (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Social Movements. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Fillieule, Olivier and Guya Accornero (eds.). 2016. Social Movement Studies in Europe: The State of the Art. New York-Oxford, Berghahn Books.

Fillieule, Olivier, Eric Agrikoliansky, and Isabelle Sommier 2010. Penser les mouvements sociaux: Conflits sociaux et contestations dans les sociétés contemporaines. Paris: La Découverte.

Fillieule, Olivier, Sophie Béroud, Camille Masclet, Isabelle Sommier et collectif Sombrero (eds.). 2018. Changer le monde, changer sa vie: Enquête sur les militantes et les militants des années 68 en France. Paris: Actes Sud.

Fillieule, Olivier and Philippe Blanchard. 2010. "Individual surveys in rallies (INSURA): A new tool for exploring transnational activism?" In Simon Teune (ed.), Transnational Challengers How Activism beyond Borders Changes the Face of Protest. New York-Oxford: Berghahn Books.

Fillieule, Olivier, Lilian Mathieu, and Cécile Péchu, 2009. Dictionnaire des mouvements sociaux. Paris: Presses de Sciences Po.

Fillieule, Olivier and Isabelle Sommier (eds.). 2018. Marseille années 68. Paris: Presses de Sciences Po.

Giugni, Marco. 2004. "Personal and biographical consequences." In David A. Snow, Sarah Soule, and Hanspeter Kriesi (eds.), Blackwell Companion to Social Movements. Oxford: Blackwell.

Sherkat, Darren E. and Blocker, T. Jean. 1997. "Explaining the political and personal consequences of protest." Social Forces 75: 1049-1070.

van Stekelenburg, Jacquelien, Conny Roggeband, and Bert Klandermans (eds.). 2013. The Future of Social Movement Research: Dynamics, Mechanims, and Processes. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.



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