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Survey experiments


8-10 December 2021


Elisa Volpi


Dr Patrick Lown, University of Essex


Survey experiments are a popular and valuable tool for political science inquiry. They are flexible, usable with a variety of populations and in different contexts, and generally cost-effective. However, as with many forms of research, doing it well can be a challenge and takes practice.

This course will provide an overview of a core foundation of material relevant to conducting sound survey experiments. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of survey methodology, experimental design, and measurement theory, through the discussion of concepts and use of examples from existing publications within the discipline. We will also cover commonly used designs such as list, vignette, and conjoint experiments. Each day will contain lecture material, discussion of examples, and practical exercises. Students will be invited to engage with their own research interests in designing a survey experiment of their own during the course.


University of Geneva



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