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Human Rights in Political Science


27-28 March 2023

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Dr. Elisa Volpi, coordinatrice CUSO


Dr. Nina Reiners, Freie Universität Berlin

E-Mail: nina.reiners(at)fu-berlin(dot)de



The analysis of human rights norms, actors and dynamics remain more relevant than ever for Political Scientists. Whether your research focus is directly on the domestic production, implementation or evaluation of human rights, or your focus is on other issue areas but has implications for human rights, in this workshop we will jointly discuss current developments in human rights research in Political Science. There will be dedicated sessions for participants to present and receive feedback on their research question and related methodology. All projects are welcome – from conceptual papers to empirical work and papers with a strong theoretical foundation from different ontological perspectives – and at all stages. 


The workshop aims are:

  • to give participants an overview about theoretical approaches, research methods and empirical findings in human rights research across all fields in Political Science
  • to introduce classics and new human rights research in Political Science, ranging from in-depth analyses of single cases to large-N comparative
  • to discuss new “trends” in human rights research, such as a focus on new actors like private firms, new technologies like social media, new agendas like business and human rights, the right to development, the right to a healthy environment, or the rights of older persons
  • bring together an emerging network of scholars who work on human rights both as a central and cross-cutting topic in the fields of international relations, political economy, political theory, political sociology, comparative politics and the like.

Tentative schedule:

27 March

28 March

Morning Session (9:00-12:30): Introduction to Human Rights – Actors, Norms, Dynamics

Morning Session (9:00-12:30): Feedback on Individual Projects

Afternoon Session (13:30-17:00): Human Rights Research Methods

Afternoon Session (13:30-17:00): Research Ethics, Policy Impact and Outreach for Human Rights Scholars





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