Unrecognized States: Non-Recognition and Political Regimes in Recent History

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Résumé de la thèse This dissertation aims at analysing the historical evolution of self-government arrangements in secessionist entities not recognised by the international community. Specifically, this project focuses on questioning how political transformation and conflict-resolution processes can be affected by the lack of external sovereignty in the context of unrecognized states . In addition, it seeks to scrutinize how processes of national self-determination and ethno-political conflict may influence political and institutional regimes existing in polities facing contested statehood. Accordingly, if one follows the premise that, ceteris paribus, the most noticeable difference between a de facto and de jure state is the lack of international recognition; it seems valid to assess the various shortcomings that incomplete statehood entails for societies in separatist states. Hence, looking at recent developments in the politics behind international recognition practice might help understanding the persistence of status-quo regarding the ethno-territorial strives framing the existence of these entities. Arguably, the variation in political regime outcomes can be expected to derive in part from the fact that breakaway states have never been entirely part of the international system, despite their continuous efforts to be regarded as fully-sovereign states.
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