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Environmental politics: Global Dimensions and Local Effects


17, 18 September


Mme Karin Ingold, Unibe

Mme Ophelia Nicole-Berva, Unige (coordination)

Most prominently, we know about the global dimensions, and the local effects of climate change. But in general, today's societies are heavily dependent on goods and services that are produced elsewhere than on the national territory. So this CUSO module starts in the Global South and highlights how different agricultural and land use models impact diverse ecosystems. We then reflect about the current popular initiative on Corporate Justice (Konzernverantwortungsinitiative/Multinationales responsables) and what the challenges are between dividing environmental responsibilities in a globalized world and a multi-level system. At the end, we arrive in Switzerland and reflect about different "new" environmental challenges such as foodwaste, pesticides in water, effective climate mitigation and adaptation and how to best solve them. This module focuses on approaches and theories borrowed from environmental governance and regulation, as well as public policy design and implementation.
Two to four PhD students can also present their research design that does not have to be in direct relation with the theme of environmental governance (= all research design proposals are welcome).




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