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Spatial and Spatio-temporal Quantitative Analysis


21-22 June 2021

Lang EN Workshop language is English

Cécile Richetta


Prof. Jessica Di Salvatore (University of Warwick)

Prof. Aya Kachi (University of Basel)




The workshop enables each participant to: 

· Understand the relevance of spatial and spatio-temporal analysis for quantitative research in social sciences 

· Understand the basic mathematics behind spatial and spatio-temporal models, and how the various parameters are estimated statistically 

· Apply spatial and/or spatio-temporal modelling to their own research, or with replicated data provided by the organizers, using primarily the R software

· Interpret resulting coefficients and reflect on the limitations of such approaches 

· After the course: be equipped to conduct autonomously spatial and spatio-temporal analysis and interpret the resulting models for publication purposes. 


The first day will be dedicated to introduction to and application of spatial modelling, taught by Pr. Jessica Di Salvatore of the University of Warwick. The second day will be dedicated to introduction to and application of spatio-temporal modelling, taught by Pr. Aya Kachi of the University of Basel. The workshop, while covering some theoretical and mathematical topics, will encourage participants to apply freshly-learned skills, share their experiences and discuss the material covered and its various applications. Throughout the two-days of workshop, coffee/tea breaks and breakout rooms for exercises will enable participants to have a friendly experience during which they can have exchanges with fellow PhD students as well as the instructors. Prior to the course, a short survey will be circulated so the workshop is tailored to participants' own research and needs. 





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