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(Dis)continuities in European governance


15-16 mars 2019

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Prof. Stephanie Hofmann, Graduate Institute


Prof. Stephanie Hofmann, Graduate Institute 

Virginie Van Ingelgom (public opinion):

Frederic Merand (Eurozone politics and Brexit):


Catherine Hoeffler (EU market and security logics):



Many scholars and pundits portray the European Union as going through a historic crisis informed by the financial and sovereign debt crisis, a humanitarian crisis at its borders and Brexit. Whether one agrees or not with this characterization, the "crisis" and its discourse deeply affect the EU's design and capacity, and could even lead to its collapse according to some commentators. The last years have also revealed that many mass publics and political elites do not all define Europe the same way. While the theme of the crisis is not new, the EU currently faces a number of difficulties pertaining to its legitimacy, capacity and leadership. In this workshop, we want to discuss how to understand EU integration dynamics in these volatile times. What is changing and what remains stable? And why? Who govern(s) the EU? How responsive and accountable are (non-elected) EU officials? Is a transnational organized civil society the panacea to democratic legitimacy?





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