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Epistemologies On The Move. The challenge of articulating levels of analysis in normative and critical political theories


1-2 December 2017

  • Arkan Akin, PhD student, DSPRI, University of Geneva
  • Esma Baycan, PhD student, DSPRI, University of Geneva
  • Noemi Michel, Maître Assistante, DSPRI, University of Geneva
  • Prof. Phillip Cole, University of West England
  • Prof. Eléonore Lépinard, Institut de Sciences Sociales, Université de Lausanne
  • Prof. Matteo Gianni, Département de Science Politique et Relations Internationales, Université de Genève

This small international workshop aims at bringing together normative political theorists from both critical and normative traditions in order to exchange around methodological questions.
Motivated by a project exploring the Swiss public philosophy of integration and citizenship, we would like to address the methodological challenges and solutions that emerge from the complex articulation of empirical, analytical and theoretical levels of analysis oriented towards the production of normative/critical political theory. Indeed, political theorists of citizenship and difference (who ask for instance normative and critical questions on migration, integration, multiculturalism, racism and islamophobia) tend to recognize that they cannot avoid to mobilise empirical statements or references to specific contexts in order to generate their normative and critical claims. However, they do not agree on – and sometimes do not clarify – the status as well as the modalities of articulation of the different levels of analysis that they mobilise.


Bâtiment Uni-Mail, Salles M4276 (vendredi) et M4220 (samedi), Université de Genève



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