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Designing (and Publishing) Case Study Research


12-13 September 2024

Lang EN Workshop language is English

Elisa Volpi, UNIGE


Prof. Michael Gibbert, USI (Università della Svizzera Italiana)


Why this course?

This workshop centers on research design, a fundamental strategy guiding the case-study research process from data collection and analysis to the interpretation and discussion of results. Unlike quantitative research, which has standardized reporting conventions, case study research designs are less codified, creating challenges in ensuring rigor. This course addresses the need for a clear research design amidst the flexible and iterative nature of case studies. The course emphasizes the importance of understanding and creatively applying various research designs to enhance the quality and impact of qualitative research.

What we will do: Pedagogy and Performance Evaluation

The workshop is divided into two parts:

  • Introduction to research designs, grouped into exploratory and explanatory clusters.
  • Application of these designs to both published articles and participants' own research projects.

Participants will explore theoretical readings during sessions and engage in group work, focusing on best practices from reputable journals. Active participation as presenters and discussants is required, with performance evaluated throughout the course. After the course, an individual assignment will be required.

This course focuses specifically on qualitative research design, covering aspects like the role of prior theory, data collection methods, analysis, and the final report structure. It does not cover the actual practice of data collection or analysis strategies, nor does it explore mixed methods or hybrids like qualitative comparative analysis (QCA).


Day 1: 

Part 1: ExploratoryDesigns I.: Thick Descriptions, Grounded Theory and Revelatory Cases 

Part 2: Exploratory Designs II.: Contextual Explanations, Ethnography, and Process Studies 


Day 2:

Part 3: Explanatory Designs I.: Single (embedded) Cases, Controlled comparison, Natural Experiments 

Part 4: Explanatory Designs II. Multiple Cases, Comparative Cross-sectional vs. Longitudinal and mixed Designs 






For more details, please refer to the syllabus that can be downloaded here.

The workshop will take place at the University of Lausanne, Geopolis Building, Room 2238.



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